A: Even if there is no obvious damage to your home, it may have been impacted by extreme heat, smoke or fire retardant, so you still need to have it thoroughly inspected by an experienced and qualified professional.

Q: Who should inspect the damage?

A: Licensed, experienced professionals. Contractors and Structural Engineers are qualified to evaluate damage (and the structural integrity of your roof/ remaining beams, etc.) and estimate the cost of repairs. A Certified Industrial Hygienist is qualified to test the air quality. It is rarely sufficient to have a serious loss inspected/evaluated only by the adjuster assigned by your insurer. It is almost always necessary to have qualified professionals in addition to the adjuster’s inspection. If your insurer refuses to conduct or pay for proper inspections, ask again in writing, politely remind them of their legal duty to thoroughly investigate all damage, including hidden damage. If a dispute arises, it’s worth finding and paying for your own inspection by an independent reputable specialist.