When there is a child injury in an accident due to a negligent act, the case must be handled differently than a case involving an adult.

An experienced attorney knows that young children are often unable to communicate what happened to them. They may be unable to fully explain the impact that an injury has had on their lives and future. A case cannot be solely built on what the child says. Instead, it must also be built on a thorough investigation of the facts surrounding the child injury.

The Lawyers at Stockton Child Injury Law will fight to see that you and your child receives the maximum damages possible. If your child fell from playground equipment or was injured because the students were not being properly supervised or were allowed to be doing something dangerous, school liability may result.

Our attorneys have the strength to handle cases involving intentional physical or sexual assault of a child. If your child was hurt by a day care worker, a school employee or anyone else, we will take action. We believe that there are few things worse than a person causing intentional harm to an innocent child, and we believe in making people pay when they do.

Child injuries are often the result of negligence.

It’s estimated that every year, more than 20 million children are injured in the United States as the result of various accidents, carelessness, negligence, defective products, products that were improperly installed and other wrongdoings.

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Please keep in mind that if your case involves a public hospital, police department, prison or other public entity, you need to act quickly – the time to take action may be further limited by law.

Child injuries and death can be caused, for example, by:

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