$6,500,000 – Auto Accident

A man, driving under the influence, drove into oncoming traffic and collided head-on with another vehicle after working on his property in Groveland, California. The accident seriously injured a mother and three children, and killed her five month old baby. After providing extensive evidence of wrongful death and personal injury, Attorney Knapp obtained a judgment of $6.5 million subsequent to a court trial.

$2,000,000 – Product Defect

A metal fabricator defectively designed and manufactured a large industrial delivery system of product. The system broke causing a man to fall into a boiling hot tank of the product and as a result, he died. We represented the family of the deceased man and worked to make sure that they recovered the future lost income he would have provided had he not lost his life due to the negligence of the metal fabricator.

$600,000 – Slip & Fall Injury

A property owner of a truck loading dock knew that a rubber bumper had fallen from the dock. Whenever a truck would back up to the dock the missing bumper created a hole between the dock and the truck bed. Despite this knowledge the property owner left the dangerous condition unrepaired for months until a man unloading his truck stepped through the hole and broke his back. We represented the injured man and his family to make sure that the property owner paid for the past and future lost wages, the medical bills and the effect his broken back would have on his life.

$475,000 – Auto Injury

A woman driving on El Camino Avenue in Sacramento, CA was injured during an automobile collision with a drunk driver. The other driver was given field sobriety tests, which she failed and was subsequently arrested. Later, she was found guilty of driving under the influence. The accident victim suffered from persistent sleep disturbances, and pain and stiffness in her shoulders. Two surgeries were required to repair a condition known as thoracic outlet syndrome, which was caused by the accident. As a result, Attorney Knapp recovered the $15,000 policy limit as well as a $475,000.00 underinsured motorist settlement following extensive negotiations with the client’s insurance carrier.

$400,000 – Product Defect

A manufacturer of a medical device placed a defective product on the market and sold it to a hospital. During an operation the device broke because of the defect, causing severe internal injuries to our client. We represented the woman and helped her recover for the long period of convalescence during which she endured unnecessary pain and suffering due to the defective medical device.

$100,000 – Slip & Fall Injury

An employee of a large warehouse retailer, who was built like a linebacker, failed to watch were he was going during his efforts to catch a shoplifter. As he recklessly ran through the store, he crashed into an elderly woman causing her to fall to the floor and aggravate a long standing spinal condition. We helped her recover for the carelessness of the employee and the added pain she was caused because of her fall.


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