Can I sue for more than policy limits?


If the policy limits of the liable person cover your damages, then you can simply focus on collecting what you can from the insurance company. However, since this might not be the case, you have the option to exercise your right to personally sue the individual or people whose negligence caused your accident.

Can I sue for more than policy limits?2019-10-28T14:15:50-07:00

How do I choose car insurance?


Do an annual rate check. Check rates from other companies to make sure you are getting the best deal. ... Pick a top-rated insurer. ... Maintain good credit. ... Set the right deductible. ... Review your coverage. ... Report reduced mileage. ... Watch crash repairs. ... Choose the right car.

How do I choose car insurance?2019-10-22T09:00:17-07:00

Can insurance companies pay more than policy limits?


After all, "if" the insurer has to pay a claim up to the policy limits, surely, then, you can make them simply pay up to that amount and be done. The general rule, however, is that insurance companies must negotiate "reasonably toward settlement up to and including the policy limits."

Can insurance companies pay more than policy limits?2019-10-10T14:10:18-07:00

What is policy limit demand?


Standards applied to insurance company's evaluation of a policy limit demand. Insurance companies are obligated to look for opportunities to settle claims within the policy limit. Liability insurers must accept a policy limit settlement offer when the amount of the judgment is “likely” to exceed the policy limit.

What is policy limit demand?2019-10-07T09:56:02-07:00

Can you sue your insurance company for more than the policy limits?


Sometimes, more than one party can be held legally and financially responsible for an accident. ... This would mean that if there were two defendants and each had a policy limit of $50,000, both of those defendant's policies could be used to pay the bills.

Can you sue your insurance company for more than the policy limits?2019-10-02T10:15:18-07:00
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