Is there a law that governs the sale of toy safety?


Yes! “By law, all toys sold in the United States must meet 100+ rigorous safety tests and standards. On the other hand, W.A.T.C.H. does not test the toys in its report to check their safety; their allegations appear to be based on their misrepresentation or misunderstanding of the mandatory toy standards.” Among W.A.T.C.H.’s toy-shopping tips [...]

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So how does W.A.T.C.H. determine that these toys are the worst?


The organization doesn’t conduct tests à la Consumer Reports or collect injury/death reports about certain toys. Rather, director James Swartz says it relies on years of knowledge about industry standards, recalls, and statistics and consults with a local children’s hospital. “Parents and caregivers do not have laboratories for testing toys,” he told Fast Company. “We [...]

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What are the ‘worst’ rated toys for 2019?


Anstoy Electric Toy Gun: It’s a realistic-looking weapon. Diecast School Bus: The rubber tires are removable and could cause choking. Flybar Pogo Trick Board: The bouncing toy’s packaging shows only two of the three kids on the package wearing helmets and none with other protective gear. The concern is possible head or impact injuries. Power [...]

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What are the ‘worst’ rated toys for 2019?


Holiday shopping has begun, and the children in your life are trying to stay on the nice, not naughty list. You don’t want to be the one to buy them playthings that can injure them, right? Boston-based World Against Toys Causing Harm, or W.A.T.C.H. for short, has released its annual list of the 10 “worst [...]

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Are Swaddleme safe?


AAP Safe Sleep Recommendations The AAP recommends parents follow the safe sleep recommendations every time they place their baby to sleep for naps or at nighttime: ... A loose blanket, including a swaddling blanket that comes unwrapped, could cover your baby's face and increase the risk of suffocation.

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Can a baby choke while sleeping on his back?


No Evidence of Babies Choking in Their Sleep According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, "Healthy babies automatically swallow or cough up fluids. There has been no increase in choking or other problems for babies who sleep on their backs."

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Is it OK to elevate baby while sleeping?


Elevate safely. ... To prop your baby up safely during sleep when he's down with a cold, consider elevating the head of the crib by placing a firm pillow under the mattress — never put pillows or any soft bedding in your baby's crib. Then you and your baby can both breathe easier.

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Why was the rock n Play recall?


“This recall was too late to save the lives of more than 30 infants and to prevent the injuries of numerous other infants caused by the Rock 'n Play,” the lawsuit states. “The Rock 'n Play causes death or injury to infants because its defective design enables them to move into positions in which they [...]

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Can a baby sleep on an incline?


The AAP does not recommend letting infants sleep in inclined products like the Rock 'n Play that require restraining a baby. AAP policy calls for infants to sleep on their back, on a separate, flat and firm sleep surface without any bumpers, bedding or stuffed toys.

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How do I get a hold of Fisher – Price


Consumer Contact: Fisher-Price online at and click on “Recalls & Safety Alerts” or toll-free at 866-812-6518 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday for more information.

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