Be really careful where you purchase, make sure it is not a knock-off brand that can explode!!

BRENTWOOD — Marty McFly never warned anybody about this.The nation’s hoverboard frenzy — foretold nearly three decades ago by a board-riding McFly in the movie “Back to the Future II” — continued to go up in flames Tuesday, as retailers ditched the devices amid reports of dangerous malfunctions, the latest in East Contra Costa County.A self-balancing scooter, or hoverboard, bought as an early Christmas gift burst into flames at a Brentwood home with a 15-year-old girl aboard. It later exploded, charring the board, the batteries and part of a wall in the kitchen.
The U.S. Postal Service has followed Federal Aviation Administration regulations and barred air shipments of hoverboards, a spokeswoman said. The Postal Service has rules in place regarding lithium-ion batteries, which are the typical power source for hoverboards. Such batteries and battery packs can be shipped through the mail, but only under certain conditions, such as being below a certain size. UPS continues to ship hoverboards, but treats the lithium-ion batteries within them like other hazardous materials, requiring shippers to declare and list them.