In the event that a personal drone injures an individual, the operator may be liable. It’s not that different from other products, and therefore there may be a strong claim made against the operator’s homeowners insurance policy. However, coverage for drone-related injuries depends on the policy’s specific language. The owner of the drone may also be liable if he/she negligently allows another, such as a minor, to operate the drone.

Things could be different if the drone was hacked. If the drone was hacked, the hacker would be liable, as opposed to the operator or owner. But the burden would fall on the operator to prove that the drone was indeed hacked.

What To Do If Injured By A Drone?

  • Determine who was operating the drone.
  • Take pictures of the drone that injured you.
  • Call the police.
  • Get medical treatment immediately.
  • Call the Law offices of Lawrence M. Knapp for help.