Many people in Stockton, Sacramento, Lodi, Tracy, Manteca and Modesto are unaware that the contract they have with their own insurance company contains uninsured motorist coverage that will provide them with money in the event of a tragic injury. This morning a 45 year old Sacramento man was struck by a driver in a hit and run accident. Despite the inability to identify the driver of the automobile that injured him on Stockton Blvd, if the injured man who was lawfully in a crosswalk has an automobile insurnace contract. He is likely entitled to collect the policy uninsured bodily injury limit. Which are no less than $15,000 and could be $250,000 or more. Insurance companies cleverly leave these details out when selling their policies to the public in order to avoid the claims that would otherwise be made. At my law offices we look for these types of claims to make sure our clients get the advantage of all their contracts.