They’re targeting trial lawyers once again.

Foes of Proposition 46 just started airing this TV ad. You may have already seen it on your own TV set. If you haven’t, take a moment to see it here.

The first words uttered are an attack on trial lawyers, saying that Prop 46 is all about trial lawyer profiteering. There’s even a briefcase stuffed with cash.

Does that tick you off? It should. Once again, the insurance industry is coming after lawyers, an easy target that makes a great BIG BAD WOLF. Who should you be more afraid of trial lawyers or the insurance industry?

The insurance industry will spend millions of dollars to brain wash the public through television advertising with lies. In this ad the insurance industry claims Prop 46 will cost us all money. However, the independent Legislative Analyst stated the following about the initiatives savings:

Uncertain, but potentially significant, state and local government savings from new requirements on health care providers, such as provisions related to prescription drug monitoring and alcohol and drug testing of physicians. These savings would offset to some extent the health care costs noted above.

The best way to fight back is to join us in the battle to win on Election Day. You can do it by contributing to the campaign. You can do it by educating your friends, family, clients and anyone else who will listen. You can do it by following the campaign on Facebook and Twitter (be sure to “like” or “follow” us). You can do it by staying informed and stepping up to fight on all fronts.