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Many people suffer from illnesses and accidents and don’t realize that a dangerous product or a product defect, such as a defective fuel tank, a defective seat belt or a defective medical device, may be to blame. Manufacturers and distributors of products have a duty of care to make safe products and to warn the public about any potential hazards or dangers; if a manufacturer breaches that duty, it can be held responsible for the injuries caused by its defective product. Typically, manufacturers argue that a consumer misused their product. Sometimes, they try to argue that since their product complies with all state and federal guidelines, they can’t be held liable for any injuries that may have resulted from their product’s use. Even if this is true, a manufacturer can still be held liable for a failure to foresee the potential misuse or inherent danger of their product. In this sense, a design flaw or unwillingness on the part of a manufacturer to make their product safer may be considered a violation of a duty of care if that danger was clearly foreseeable.

Result: $400,000.00 (including pain and suffering)

Defective Product: medical device

Manufacturer: medical device manufacturer

Facts: A manufacturer of a medical device placed a defective medical device on the market and sold it to hospitals, surgeons, doctors and other health care providers. During an operation, the medical device malfunctioned and caused painful, severe internal injuries. Sacramento, California, defective medical device attorney Lawrence M. Knapp represented the victim and helped her recover for the long period of convalescence during which she endured unnecessary pain and suffering caused by the defective medical device.

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Result: $2,000,000.00 (including lost future income of the deceased)

Defective Product: large industrial delivery system

Manufacturer: metal fabricator

Facts: A metal fabricator defectively designed and manufactured a large industrial delivery system. Because the delivery system was defectively manufactured and designed, it broke during normal use and caused a man to fall into a boiling hot tank and die.  California, dangerous/defective product lawyer Lawrence M. Knapp represented the family of the deceased man and worked to make sure that they recovered the income he would have provided had he not lost his life due to the negligence of the metal fabricator.

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